When you create a PullRequest, it always about a branch. The branch could be on one of your own repos, or one from a fork.

By default, PullReview can detect when a PullRequest is associated to a branch when you push a commit. However, it cannot detect when the PullRequest is created. As consequence, it cannot detect a PullRequest from a fork as they do not correspond to a branch of your repository.

In order to have reviews on PullRequests from a fork or not, you need to enable the PullRequest event on the PullReview webhook as following:

  1. browse `https://github.com///settings/hooks
  2. edit https://www.pullreview.com/api/push/github
  3. select on "Let me select individual events. "
  4. enable Pull Request (Push is already enabled)
  5. click on "Update Webhook"

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